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With my experience as a motivational speaker and teacher, I can help your organization boost morale and provide motivation to students, employees or sales teams. Whether it's in-person or virtual livestream events that interest you most - let me know!

My media kit has details on popular topics for both platforms so we're covering all bases. To date I have spoken with audiences in various countries all over the world about professional and inspirational topics.

Each time I speak audiences are engaged and inspired because I adapt my topics to each group. I leverage pro techniques such as well-timed pauses and questions to connect with audiences and I draw from real-life experiences that are relatable and impactfull.


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Margarita Eberline is the founder of Marketing Boss, a business consulting and training company that empowers entrepreneurs to take control of their marketing and business. She has been tailoring marketing strategy and implementation solutions for businesses for over 24 years through companies like Telemundo, The Nielsen Company, Columbia Pictures, KNBC in Los Angeles, and her own Media agency. She currently provides business owners training and support in marketing and sales that allows them to grow and scale their businesses with greater ease. She is sought after as an international public speaker and has been recognized by the prodigy global network as a Top 50 most inspirational women to look out for in 2022 in Dubai. Margarita offers workshops, conferences, and digital courses and is an avid blogger on various topics. She is the upcoming author of “How to Be a Marketing Boss: The definitive marketing guide for bosses”. When she is not busy growing companies, empowering business owners, and inspiring audiences, Margarita enjoys an active lifestyle as a single mom of five young boys ages 15, 14, 12, 10, and 3 years old. She also volunteers with non-profit organizations that align with her own life story as a survivor of childhood domestic violence, drawing inspiration from her life experiences to transform lives.

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Audience Profiles

Ask me about custom speeches, presentations, webinars, workshops and training for the following audience profiles:



Women who are entrepreneurs, moms, or both.


Business owners and individuals who want to start a business.


Companies looking to inspire leadership in their employees.


At risk students and students interested in competitive colleges.

También Hablo Español

Mis conferencias en latino america y otros paises de habla hispana pueden ser adaptadas a to evento profesional e inspirador.


  • seth bader
    seth bader Margarita Eberline is an incredibly captivating speaker, whose vibrant imagination has the power to turn a room full of lawyers into a fully engaged and intrigued audience. Her workshop on storytelling and branding is informative and also infused with an element of fun that keeps everyone absorbed. She possesses a unique ability to blend education with entertainment, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend her workshops for their engaging approach and actionable insights.
    Seth Bader
    Bader Scott Personal Injury Lawyers
  • luis scott
    luis scott Margarita is an excellent speaker with great command of her content. When she spoke at a Mastermind Conference I hosted, she left the audience intrigued and wanting more. The journey she took the audience on from developing a brand message that can be transmitted throughout your marketing to using that brand message to create a congruent internal brand for your employees left a lasting impression on the audience. If you want someone who can speak about your personal or company’s brand story or message, I would highly recommend Margarita.
    Luis Raul Scott, Jr.
    8 Figure Firm Consulting
  • victoria laverde
    victoria laverde I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Margarita Eberline, and I cannot say enough positive things about her presentation. Margarita is incredibly knowledgeable about digital marketing, and the way she shared her insights that day was both engaging and informative. Her presentation was also highly tactical, and provided actionable advice the audience can immediately put into practice. In addition to their knowledge and expertise, Margarita is also a highly entertaining speaker. She keeps the audience engaged throughout her workshops with humor and her great storytelling skills. As a marketer, I find Margarita a true expert in her field, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, engaging, and tactical public speaker.
  • Margarita Eberline stands as a testament to the transformative power of resilience and expertise. Hearing her speak was nothing short of a masterclass in marketing, interwoven with life lessons that resonated deeply with me as a listener. What sets her apart, is her unique ability to blend this extensive professional experience with her personal journey. Margarita's charisma and dynamic presence captivated everyone. Her ability to connect with the audience, regardless of their background or industry, was remarkable. Margarita is not just a speaker; she is a storyteller, an educator, and an inspiration. Her speech was a powerful reminder of the strength that lies in combining personal experiences with professional expertise. Any event looking to inspire and enlighten its attendees would be enriched by her presence. Her story is a beacon of hope and a guide to success, not just in marketing, but in life itself.
    Narissa Juitt-Jackson
    Juitt Jackson Law Firm
  • jayden doye
    jayden doye We hired Margarita to host a marketing seminar at a live event and she did an amazing job. she really engaged with the audience and gave them so much knowledge they can implement into their business to grow rapidly with best marketing efforts. We then contracted Marketing Boss to serve as our outsourced CFO and within months our brand received a complete face-lift. Our audience noticed the change and before you knew it leads came rolling in!
    Founder at Prestige Accounting & Consulting
    Prestige Accounting & Consulting
  • jessica nunan
    jessica nunan As the CEO of Caminar Latino, I have had the pleasure of hiring Margarita Eberline as an Emcee for our annual fundraiser celebration for two consecutive years. Her performances have been nothing short of spectacular, and she has consistently exceeded our expectations. Margarita is an absolute dynamo on stage, captivating audiences with her charisma and charm. She not only entertains but also represents our organization with the utmost professionalism and passion. Her eloquent acknowledgments of our sponsors have added a layer of respect and gratitude that has significantly enhanced our events. But what sets Margarita apart is her remarkable ability to inspire. With her innovative ideas and compelling storytelling, she has successfully motivated attendees to donate more each year. She knows exactly how to strike the right chord, encouraging generosity while maintaining an atmosphere of fun and engagement. Margarita is also highly skilled when it comes to adapting. Whether it's last-minute changes or unexpected hiccups, she handles them all with grace and poise, ensuring that the flow of the event remains seamless. To say that Margarita Eberline is an exceptional Emcee would be an understatement. She is a game-changer, a crowd-mover, and an inspiration. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with her and can't wait to see how she'll elevate our future events. If you're seeking an Emcee who will genuinely make a difference, I highly recommend Margarita.
    Jessica Nunan
    Caminar Latino
  • I invited Margarita to be a speaker at the Global Women Empowerment Summit  2021 and the Coaches and Authors Forum 2022 because I believe she has a powerful life story that others need to hear. I will also be featuring her in my magazine, Titanium as one of the Top 50 Global Inspirational Women to Look Out For in 2022.
    Charmain Love
    Prodigy Global Network
  • val alino coach
    val alino coach Margarita is a transformational leader and powerful Keynote speaker. Her inspiring message at the Global Symposium for Mother’s 2021 based in Singapore entitled “If you can birth a child you can birth a company was shared with 103 Countries. Her talk inspired mothers to recognize their own ability to tap into their hearts and courage to do more of what brings joy into their life knowing that this is the key for a successful business. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement, she is amazing!
    Val Alino
    Val Alino Coach
  • josh ovett

    Inspiring and surprising stories from the heart every time. Just when i thought i heard it all.  Book Margarita for your next event.

    Josh Ovett
    Mobile Pocket Office

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