Automated Campaigns
for Law Firms

Launch automated email and text campaigns with ready-to fo funnels designed for law firms.

        Client Intake Software          for Law Firms

Organize your client intake process to save you and your firm time and money

Innovative Legal CMR Software

Legal software for client intake, workflow & marketing automation, document management, and more.

Artificial Intelligence applications

Artificial Intelligence applications for business.

Leads Qualification Software

Lead interactions and pre-qualification software. No more wasted time on unqualified prospects.

Legal Case Management

Legal case management with integrated legal forms at an affordable price.

Legal Management Software

Organize your crucial contact information, from clients and prospects to witnesses and opposing counsel.

Password Management

Use LastPass to manage your passwords.

Shop online webinars, courses
and tutorials
created and curated for business owners

Access approchable easy-to-follow lessons
that you can apply to your business right away.


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