Marketing Mastermind This mastermind was designed to give you the skills you need to manage your marketing like a boss in just 8 weeks! Yes Please!

Increase your revenue by 35% without spending more on marketing 

You can increase your revenue by 10%, 15%, 20% and even 30% or more with our signature marketing strategy development and management  methods. In this mastermind you will get the knowledge and tools to develop a marketing plan, sales strategy and to use automation to grow your business. All of our processes are proven to work and In this mastermind we will teach you exactly how to work them. You will receive full access to our templates and research tools so you can just fill in the blanks. By the end of this mastermind you will master the fundamentals of marketing that EVERY business owner needs to know in order to truly lead your business to success. 


You don’t have to spend more money to make more sales…

After a 20+ year career in marketing with a focus on data analytics, our founder learned she can have a greater impact on. businesses by offering training through our Marketing Boss brand.

We want you to leverage our team’s experience with large brands like NBC, Columbia Pictures and Nielsen as well as businesses like yours to exceed your sales and revenue goals!

Working with us is easy. Simply sign up to the mastermind group and show up. 

Before every meeting, our team will provide you with resources and assignments to help you get the most out of what we are teaching that week!

Make more data driven decisions for your business

Did you know that it’s possible to quantify the value that every marketing campaign has on your business. Most business owners don’t know how to do this so they buy services and invest in initiatives hoping to get a return on their investment without any sense of when or how that return will come . 

There is a better way. You can forecast results from everything that you do and you are one click away from finding out how to this this for your business! 


  • Margarita has been a tremendous asset to my law firm. It has grown from a solo practice to four litigators. She is exceptionally knowledgeable regarding the ins and outs of marketing strategy and is my go-to-person to discuss marketing ideas.
    Doug Rohan
    Rohan Law
  • I invited Margarita to be a speaker at the Global Women Empowerment Summit  2021 and the Coaches and Authors Forum 2022 because I believe she has a powerful life story that others need to hear. I will also be featuring her in my magazine, Titanium as one of the Top 50 Global Inspirational Women to Look Out For in 2022.
    Charmain Love
    Prodigy Global Network
  • Gina Espinoza Merltzer
    Gina Espinoza Merltzer Margarita is a remarkable professional and teacher. Margarita has taught me how to build marketing plans based on data so the results are predictable. I highly recommend her course for business owners looking to get a quick handle on their marketing.
    Gina Espinosa-Meltzer
    Hope-Beckham, Inc
  • david zagoria

    david zagoria

    Margarita's advice and expertise have helped my business grow beyond expectations. I have been very happy. My business is getting significant leads from the internet for the first time. Working with Margarita was a great business decision.
    David Zagoria
    Zagoria Law
  • alexis ruiz zambrano and ruiz Margarita is an invaluable resource to business owners. She is very thorough, responsive, and has a deep understanding of business owner needs. Her experience was a game-changer for our business. I highly recommend her services for business owners.
    Alexis Ruiz
    Zambrano and Ruiz Immigration
  • val alino coach
    val alino coach Margarita is a transformational leader and powerful Keynote speaker. Her inspiring message at the Global Symposium for Mother’s 2021 based in Singapore entitled “If you can birth a child you can birth a company was shared with 103 Countries. Her talk inspired mothers to recognize their own ability to tap into their hearts and courage to do more of what brings joy into their life knowing that this is the key for a successful business. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement, she is amazing!
    Val Alino
    Val Alino Coach
  • giovanni diaz
    giovanni diaz Margarita's advice and expertise helped our business grow beyond expectations. Margarita listens and creates a plan based on market research and your expectations.
    Giovanni Diaz
    Diaz & Gaeta Law
  •   "My marketing strategy consultation with Margarita was incredible. She explained how the marketing research and data gathering her and team do can help my business target ideal clients, and create multiple digital marketing ads to drive more traffic and bring in more business consistently. She also provided valuable business coaching and practical resources. Margarita is truly an expert in her area and is passionate about making sure her clients get results quickly".
    Diana Johnson
    Diana Johnson, LLC

  • "Helped me grow my IG fan base from 100 to nearly 1000 in just a few short months by implementing some of her advice. She loves her clients and has an amazing passion for her work and helping businesses grow".
    Kristin Fuller
  •   "I am the Executive Director of Caminar Latino, a non-profit domestic violence organization for Latino families. Since early 2016, Margarita has done an incredible job of using her skills, community connections, and passion to help support our work. Margarita has repeatedly gone over and beyond when working with us and I can tell that this is a job that she is passionate about. I would recommend her to anybody who is looking to increase their visibility in the community!"
    Jessica Nunan

  • "Margarita is great! She has handled everything in terms of marketing and advertising for us, and the results are proof that she does know her stuff. I don't know what we would do without her. I strongly recommend her!"
    Jasmin Norton

  • "Unbelievable expertise in marketing. Highly recommend the 2-hour marketing strategy session for anyone serious about growing their business".

    Dylan Pyron

    "The workshop was very informative. Would definitely recommend future workshops".

    Juan Florez

  • "Margarita and her team are very professional, thorough and help you realize your vision for your company. Not only does she visually provide great advertising, but she gives great pointers and has great resources".

    Briseida Perez
  • Margarita provides Excellent service to us business owners and is very thorough and professional.

    Joe Gayle
  • josh ovett

    Inspiring and surprising stories from the heart every time. Just when i thought i heard it all.  Book Margarita for your next event.

    Josh Ovett
    Mobile Pocket Office

Grow your business by learning how to lead your marketing team

As a boss, you know that it’s your job to manage your marketing efforts and avoid being taken advantage of by vendors. But sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust and what advice to follow. That’s why you need the Marketing Boss Mastermind.
This mastermind is designed to teach you how to be a more effective marketing manager. You don’t need to be an expert in every single tactic BUT we will teach you how to set goals, create budgets, and measure results. You’ll also learn how to choose the right vendors and partners, and how to negotiate the best deals.
With the Marketing Boss Mastermind, you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to take your marketing career to the next level. Enroll today and start taking your business results to new heights!


You are investing in marketing but are not increasing sales

Are wondering if your marketing team is doing a good job

Have tried different vendors but they are not getting you results

Are thinking about hiring an agency, freelancers or new staff

Have an outdated sales and marketing strategy

You are putting out content and campaigns but not getting traction









Video Tutorials

Slide mastermind GET FULL ACCESS TO OUR RESOURCE LIBRARY When you join the mastermind, you will receive full access to our client portal with downloadable worksheets and premium video lessons for you and your team.



Lesson 1

Smart Goals

  • Researching your market
  • Identifying your real competition
  • Setting quantifiable goals
  • Measuring what counts
Lesson 2

Sales Goals

  • Holding marketing accountable for sales
  • Monthly metrics you should track
    • Website metrics
    • Google my business
    •  Social media
    • leads
    • conversions
Lesson 3

Buyer Personas

  • Identifying ideal clients
  • Defining the best platforms
  • Creating the best experience
  • Playing to their pain points 
  • Using story branding to attract and convert them faster
Lesson 4

Messaging Optimization

  • Using AI to create messaging
  • Developing a content strategy for each persona
  • Create content that is optimized per platform
    • Web
    • Social
    • Ads
  • Designing the best journey for each persona
Lesson 5

Marketing Automation

  • Overview of automation tools and features
  • Data management best practices 
  • Using lead magnets to capture more leads in your sleep
  • Automated campaigns for any business
    • Leads
    • Newsletter
    • Post-Sales
    • Inquiries
Lesson 6

Prioritizing Tasks

  • Differentiating between a good idea and a best idea
  • Connecting tasks to potential revenue
  • Managing tasks and deadlines
  • Delegating
  • Project management best practices
Lesson 7

Vetting Vendors

  • Design
  • Website
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital ads
Lesson 8

Auditing Results

  • How to monitor your progress 
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually
  • Making data driven decisions and changes
  • Getting ahead of the next best trends


Register today for our marketing boss mastermind. 

Stop wasting time and money.

Stop struggling to keep up with your marketing and feeling like you’re always one step behind. It’s time to take control and become the marketing boss.

Marketing Boss


  • 8 Recorded Sessions

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I would like to offer my help to anyone who needs it. If you have any questions about my standard packages or want to discuss a custom workshop, coaching package or  a done-for-you business plan, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to brainstorm ideas with you and come up with a proposal that fits your needs and budget!